I know. It sounds extreme, doesn’t it? Sitting might cause cancer?!

That’s the announcement in a growing body of research. According to the American Institute for Cancer Research:

As many as 49,000 cases of breast cancer and 43,000 cases of colon cancer occurring in the U.S. every year are linked to a lack of physical activity.

Furthermore, sitting for long periods of time can increase indicators of cancer risk! Evidently, doing a high intensity workout at the gym doesn’t help if you end up sitting for the rest of the day.

All the research is pointing to the importance of taking multiple breaks in the midst of your workday.

So, if sitting too much increases your risks for cancer, and if MuseCubes encourage you to take breaks from sitting, does it follow that MuseCubes decrease your risk of cancer? Hmmm. Perhaps that claim is a little far fetched.

However, a set of MusesCubes conveniently placed near your computer is a great little reminder to take an occasional break.

I keep MuseCubes in several strategic spots in my office. Sometimes I choose to roll them; other times I simply look at them and think, “Oh, right! Move my body!” Then I’ll get up and take a walk or go wash the dishes — anything that gets me up and moving.

Do you need a set of MuseCubes to serve as your take-a-break reminder? If so, contact me and I’ll hook you up!