The Challenge

Is it possible to sell 126 MuseCubes in 5 days and raise $126 for a local charter high school?

Can this happen without any advance marketing — and relying on word of mouth and social media alone?

I bet it can, with your help! Read on…

The Story

Sometimes things don’t go as planned.

This year a series of life changes interrupted my momentum with the MuseCubes. Last year I’d sold 126 sets, and donated $126 to a fabulous but struggling charter high school in Richmond, California. This year I’d hoped to sell many more.

But life got in the way. I just wasn’t able to manufacture and market my li’l product the way I’d hoped. Last week I felt myself spiraling into disappointment.

This week, however…

I counted my inventory and discovered that there are exactly 126 sets ready to be shipped today! Suddenly disappointment turned to inspiration.

What if I sold all 126 of those sets in just 5 days?! I’d still be able to make a year-end donation to the charter school to help them reinvigorate their Learning to Learn curriculum (more about this in a future blog post). And I’d feel great about not having given up when life threw a few roadblocks my way.

How You Can Help

Would you help me meet my challenge? There are so many different ways you can contribute:

  • Buy a set or two of MuseCubes for your loved ones this holiday season. Shipping this week!
  • Spread the word and win a free set! Post about MuseCubes on Facebook, Twitter, or through email. Tell me that you did it, and I’ll put your name in a hat to win a free set of MuseCubes at week’s end. Tweet me at @gwegner or @musecubes or email me at gretchen [at] musecubes [dot] com.
  • Imagine MuseCube success – people the world over shaking & howling, whooping & twisting with delight. After all, visualization can be a powerful force for change.

Yeehaaa! I’m so excited to get this show on the road. 126 sets, here we go!