Today at Wing It! rehearsal I was feeling kinda down in the dumps. But then Bobbie, one of my fellow performers, knew just how to lift my spirits: she told me about some of her recent MuseCube moments! I made a point to snag her at the end of rehearsal and ask if she’d be willing to repeat her stories to my iPhone camera. And voila!

Enjoy this short video in which Bobbie shares how:

  • how a teacher of gifted and talented students uses the MuseCubes she received as a gift
  • how her grandson is a bit shy about “moan”, but loves them anyway, and
  • they’re such a great icebreaker at her church meetings.

Do you have a story about your favorite MuseCube Moment? If so, do tell!

And if you’d like to create a MuseCube Moment of your very own, I’d be honored if you bought a set or two. I’m hearing over and over what a unique, surprising, and useful gift they are. Order a pair at