Coming soon …MuseCubes for the iPhone!!!!

We uploaded the app to Apple on February 6, 2010, and now we are simply waiting to get approval. When that happens, iMuseCubes is yours. For FREE.


What the App Will Look Like

It’s a simple and straightforward app: Shake the phone, and roll the cubes.

What you can’t see here is that, every time you roll the MuseCubes, you will ALSO hear sounds. For example, roll “dance” and “howl”, and you’ll hear me or Wendell howling right along with you. How fun is that?! (You can also turn the sounds off if you want).

Another Cool Feature

My brilliant developer got the idea to record data about where in the world people are MubeCubing. Check out the live map below! After folks start downloading the app, we hope to see this map light up all around the world.


Technical Support

Once the app is up, you can receive technical support for iMuseCubes by emailing contact support at