What are the MuseCubes?
The MuseCubes are a set of two handmade dice.  Each side a different action verb. One cube includes ways you can move your body; the other suggests sounds you can make with your voice.

How big are the MuseCubes?The original set of the MuseCubes are 1″ on all sides, and two fit comfortably in your palm. However, more sizes and options will become available in 2009.

What do I do with the MuseCubes?
When you’re feeling stuck – maybe you’ve been concentrating too hard, or perhaps you’re a tad annoyed – just roll the dice. Two different action verbs will come up. Do both actions at the same time.

How did you come up with the verbs?
We sent out a survey to friends, asking them to rate the different action verbs according to what would feel most satisfying. People also suggested their own verbs. We have enough verbs waiting to be used that we’ll be able to offer several editions of the MuseCubes! This one is the first.

Why do the MuseCubes work?
The MuseCubes are based on the idea that people think more effectively and creatively when they move their bodies. When many of us have a problem, we furrow our brows and try to THINK our way out of it. With the MuseCubes, you actually get to HOWL, WIGGLE, AND WHOOP your way to a new perspective!

What are the MuseCubes made out of?
The MuseCubes are 1″ wooden blocks that are covered with pictures cut out of old magazines we bought at The East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse. Everything is glued together using Mod Podge.