Taiko-Kathryn-300x181Awwwww! I’ve always known that MuseCubes make great gifts. But it’s nice to hear it directly from the recipients. Here’s how composer and Taiko drummer Kathryn Cabunoc, describes how the MuseCubes helped her break through stuckness:

…writing solos is so hard. That’s one of those things that have never come easy for me. I sit down and get up and sit down again and I get one line out at a time–and very laboriously so. I suppose it will get easier someday.

A friend of mine gave me a great gift a week ago. They’re called Muse Cubes, and when you find yourself with writer’s block, you pull out these babies and give them a roll. … The instructions said that we’re more creative when we’re not standing still. And they’ve worked! I’ve howled and bended, sang and wiggled. It’s helped! It lets me get out of my head for a minute and then return to work again with a fresh mind.MuseCubes-Kathryn-150x150

They’re one of the most thoughtful gifts I’ve gotten in a long time.

MuseCubes KathrynJudging by the picture in Kathryn’s blog post, she got one of the original MuseCubes sets, no two designs alike. Some day this might be worth a lot (finger’s crossed!).