Our Testimonials

MuseCubesTM inspire stories, that’s for sure.  Customers love to tell us how MuseCubesTM helped them out of a sticky situation. We thought it’d be fun to collect those stories in one place.  Read on — and share your story at the end!

Yesterday I was picking my mother up at the airport, and I was having a rough day. While my brother was helping Mom get her baggage, I sat fuming in the car. Then I remembered the MuseCubesTM. I sang and squirmed, howled and swung. By the time they came out, I felt so much better. I definitely want another set – one for my desk and one for the car!
Executive Coach / Bahistanbul
My baby loves MuseCubesTM! I received my first pair as a gift from a friend, who knows I’m sometimes uncomfortable acting ’silly’. Well, alone in my living room, I gave the cubes a whirl, much to the delight of my nine-month-old! She *loved* seeing and hearing her mommy act so silly! And *I* loved her baby smiles and giggles. I highly recommend MuseCubesTM for all the times when parents get stuck – entertaining a baby, disrupting persistent nagging, or breaking through that parent fog. The MuseCubesTM fit in your pocket, diaper bag or purse. You and your kiddies will have a blast!
Just yesterday, I was under a tight deadline and feeling overwhelmed. I looked at the MuseCubesTM, and right in my seat, I stretched and hummed. By-golly! It made me smile and take a deep breath. When I turned back to my work, the overwhelm had dissipated, and I got the work done!!!
Theologian and Database Manager / Canlı casino
I have my MusecubesTM on my desk at home. I love doing my grantwriting consulting from my home office now, because when I am feeling stiff or cranky, I can just roll the MuseCubesTM and shake things out!
Grantwriter / logcabintour.com
Colleen’s Facebook status line at 8:45pm: Colleen is shaking her head every few minutes or so to help the student data reporting procedures she learned in today’s training find a comfortable place in her brain. Gretchen’s comment at 8:58pm: How about the MuseCubesTM? They’re really good at finding clear spots in brains!! Colleen’s response at 9:15pm: Thanks. I just danced and moaned, and I’m feeling a lost more settled. You’re *on* to something there, woman!
Office Administrator / Canlı bahis
Today I was working on a spreadsheet for way too long. Remembering the MuseCubesTM, I wiggled and stretched in my cubicle. Moving helped me in two ways: 1) it allowed me to my accomplishments clearly and 2) helped me hold my work much more lightly. I guess when you’re wiggling, you can’t take yourself too seriously!
Associate Archivist / minisprintracer.com
Recently I was looking for quick movement activities to use between lessons with my class…and then I thought of MuseCubesTM! I had them practice the sounds first, then the motions, and finally I challenged them to do both at once. The kids LOVED IT! We’ve used ‘em a few times now. It really is perfect as a quick transition activity. And they calm down MORE easily after a MuseCubesTM session.
Kindergarten Teacher