Welcome to MuseCubesTM

The MuseCubesTM are a brain based tooldesigned to maximize your thinking and your creativity.Research shows we think best when we move our bodies.Yet when we’re stuck, most of us hunch over and sit still.

With the MuseCubesTM, you just roll the dice… and then wiggle and whoop your way to new perspectives and greater productivity.

What People Says

Yesterday I was picking my mother up at the airport, and I was having a rough day. While my brother was helping Mom get her baggage, I sat fuming in the car. Then I remembered the MuseCubesTM. I sang and squirmed, howled and swung. By the time they came out, I felt so much better. I definitely want another set – one for my desk and one for the car!
Executive Coach / Bahistanbul
My baby loves MuseCubesTM! I received my first pair as a gift from a friend, who knows I’m sometimes uncomfortable acting ’silly’. Well, alone in my living room, I gave the cubes a whirl, much to the delight of my nine-month-old! She *loved* seeing and hearing her mommy act so silly! And *I* loved her baby smiles and giggles. I highly recommend MuseCubesTM for all the times when parents get stuck – entertaining a baby, disrupting persistent nagging, or breaking through that parent fog. The MuseCubesTM fit in your pocket, diaper bag or purse. You and your kiddies will have a blast!
Just yesterday, I was under a tight deadline and feeling overwhelmed. I looked at the MuseCubesTM, and right in my seat, I stretched and hummed. By-golly! It made me smile and take a deep breath. When I turned back to my work, the overwhelm had dissipated, and I got the work done!!!
Theologian and Database Manager / Canlı casino
I have my MusecubesTM on my desk at home. I love doing my grantwriting consulting from my home office now, because when I am feeling stiff or cranky, I can just roll the MuseCubesTM and shake things out!
Grantwriter / logcabintour.com
Colleen’s Facebook status line at 8:45pm: Colleen is shaking her head every few minutes or so to help the student data reporting procedures she learned in today’s training find a comfortable place in her brain. Gretchen’s comment at 8:58pm: How about the MuseCubesTM? They’re really good at finding clear spots in brains!! Colleen’s response at 9:15pm: Thanks. I just danced and moaned, and I’m feeling a lost more settled. You’re *on* to something there, woman!
Office Administrator / Canlı bahis
Today I was working on a spreadsheet for way too long. Remembering the MuseCubesTM, I wiggled and stretched in my cubicle. Moving helped me in two ways: 1) it allowed me to my accomplishments clearly and 2) helped me hold my work much more lightly. I guess when you’re wiggling, you can’t take yourself too seriously!
Associate Archivist / minisprintracer.com
Recently I was looking for quick movement activities to use between lessons with my class…and then I thought of MuseCubesTM! I had them practice the sounds first, then the motions, and finally I challenged them to do both at once. The kids LOVED IT! We’ve used ‘em a few times now. It really is perfect as a quick transition activity. And they calm down MORE easily after a MuseCubesTM session.
Kindergarten Teacher