MuseCubes are a Perfect Little Holiday Gift

December 12, 2015   -     -  

Because they’re beautiful, unique, and priced just right, MuseCubes are a perfect holiday gift. At Muse Monkey we’ve been pleasantly surprised that most customers have been buying multiple sets — one for themselves, and the rest to give away! Who do you know who’d love a set of MuseCubes?

What a smart little product!

December 12, 2015   -     -  

Welcome to the MuseCubesTM. Research shows that people think effectively when they move their bodies. Yet when we’re stuck, many of us hunch over and sit still. So I designed this set of dice to get us moving again. Imagine: people all over the worldwiggling and howling to new perspectives and greater productivity. Makes me smile.

One of the Most Thoughtful Gifts I’ve Gotten

December 12, 2015   -     -  

Awwwww! I’ve always known that MuseCubes make great gifts. But it’s nice to hear it directly from the recipients. Here’s how composer and Taiko drummer Kathryn Cabunoc, describes how the MuseCubes helped her break through stuckness: …writing solos is so hard. That’s one of those things that have never come easy for me. I sit

What Bloggers are Saying about the MuseCubes

December 12, 2015   -     -  

Exactly a year ago, I launched the newly created MuseCubes. How fun, a year later, to read through all the buzz on the internet about the MuseCubes. Here are some of favorite MuseCubes mentions of 2009: “What clever, sparkling, creative simplicity.” ~ Jamie Ridler, Starshyne Productions “The movement certainly changed my energy, got my blood

Another Great MuseCubes Moment

December 12, 2015   -     -  

Today at Wing It! rehearsal I was feeling kinda down in the dumps. But then Bobbie, one of my fellow performers, knew just how to lift my spirits: she told me about some of her recent MuseCube moments! I made a point to snag her at the end of rehearsal and ask if she’d be

My MuseCubes Challenge — Sell 126 sets in 5 days?!

December 12, 2015   -     -  

The Challenge Is it possible to sell 126 MuseCubes in 5 days and raise $126 for a local charter high school? Can this happen without any advance marketing — and relying on word of mouth and social media alone? I bet it can, with your help! Read on… The Story Sometimes things don’t go as

Flat Jack Sells the Musecubes

December 12, 2015   -     -  

This Monday I posted a challenge to myself: to sell 126 MuseCubes before the holidays. Well, I didn’t get close to that number (I didn’t quite expect to, but the number 126 was special — see below — to me so I used it as my symbolic goal). I did sell 41 sets of MuseCubes,

iPhone App Update: The History of iMuseCubes

December 12, 2015   -     -  

It’s a sunny Sunday afternoon, and I’m crunching pumpkin seeds alongside my hero. His name is Wendell Martin, and he is the iPhone app developer for iMuseCubes. The iMuseCubes development team has decided that it’s time to be more “out” about the iPhone app development process. So get ready, dear readers! From time to time

Body Think

December 12, 2015   -     -  

Thanks to an academic discipline called “Embodied Cognition“ there’s a growing amount of research available about how people think with their whole bodies. Since body/mind collaboration is right up the MuseCubes alley, we’ll collect many of these articles here, for your edification and enjoyment. Enjoy today’s excerpt from Psychology Today’s bloggers Michele and Robert Root-Bernstein,

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